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Does your smile not give you satisfaction? Are your teeth discolored, imperfectly shaped or chipped? If so, some porcelain veneers may be able to hide those troublesome teeth and present you with an attractive smile instead.

The veneers act like covers for your teeth. They adhere to the fronts of the unpleasant-looking teeth, keeping them out of view. Being made of porcelain, they can have a white color that matches closely with your teeth. With these qualities, people can see a natural and gorgeous smile when you have veneers.

As an added plus, veneers should not require radical changes to your teeth. Dental crowns, for example, require a lot of enamel to be shaved off your teeth so they can fit. Some enamel may need to be removed so the veneers can fit, but they do not require quite as much. The amount taken should be very small.

To ensure the veneers both fit on the teeth and match their natural appearance, Dr. Bradley Sainsbury, our dentist, takes some impressions of your smile. These impressions help him to get accurate details on the shape or your teeth, so the veneers can be made to the right specifications.

If veneers sound good to you, we offer them here at Westcliffe Family Dental in Richland, Washington. We are also happy to give you more information on veneers and our other services so you can find the choice that works best for you. To schedule this consultation, feel free to call 509-627-6888. We are always happy to be of service to you!