Westcliffe Family Dental is equipped with the latest imaging technology to serve our patients. Though the amount of radiation that a patient experiences during traditional dental X-rays is extremely low, digital X-rays help minimize a patient’s exposure to radiation and are also helpful in detecting current or arising problems in the patient’s mouth. Digital X-rays are convenient because they our dentist can view the images immediately. There is no traditional film to be developed, so we can discuss the health of your teeth right away.

How often you need to have X-rays taken depends on age, oral health, risk for disease and other symptoms or possible problems. We may recommend more frequent X-rays for young children because their teeth are constantly changing. If you are experiencing or developing oral problems, our dentist may deem it necessary to take frequent X-rays to make sure your mouth is healthy and happy!

Digital X-rays are a useful tool in helping your dentist diagnose oral problems. Digital X-rays can detect:

  • Cavities (hidden or exposed)
  • Bone infections
  • Periodontal disease
  • Tumors
  • Abscesses
  • Cysts

If you haven’t received an X-ray in a while, our dentist might recommend one to check the current state of your teeth. Make an appointment at Westcliffe Family Dental by calling 509-627-6888 today if you are due for a check-up! Our team can help you know more about how our digital X-rays in Richland, Washington, can benefit your oral health.