At Westcliffe Family Dental, we care about helping patients of all ages achieve their best and healthiest smiles! Preventive dentistry can help stop problems in their tracks before they become serious, especially in children that are still experiencing oral growth. Preventing dental issues can also reduce overall dental costs throughout your life. There are many preventive options that our dentist may recommend throughout your life, and our experienced team can help you find the best one for your needs.

Though brushing and flossing are crucial steps in preventing dental damage. Regular dental exams can also help catch early warning signs of decay or damage before they cause infection or pain. Maintaining regular teeth-cleaning appointments every six months at Westcliffe Family Dental will allow you to stay on top of your oral care and prevent infections and decay. These visits can also remove plaque build-up that daily flossing and brushing cannot reach.

Dental sealants are very thin, protective coatings made from dental-grade components that are fixed over your teeth to prevent decay. Every patient can benefit from dental sealants, but they can be especially beneficial to children whose first molars have come in. If those molars are treated with sealants, our team can help your child prevent cavities from the very start!

Fluoride treatments have been proven to help strengthen teeth. Receiving fluoride treatments from Westcliffe Family Dental can ensure that you will benefit from a proper amount of fluoride that most commercial oral products cannot provide.

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