If you experience clicking, popping, grinding or pain when you open your jaw, or if your jaw joints ever lock up on you, you may be experiencing TMJ complications. Our team at Westcliffe Family Dental can help you resolve your discomfort and pain!

The TMJs, or temporomandibular joints, are some of the most complicated and hard-working joints in your body. There is one on each side of your jaw, and in order for your mouth to work the way it should, they both have to work in unison. When you bite, chew, yawn or even talk, they can sustain an enormous amount of pressure, causing injury to the cartilage that allows the joint to move properly. This can happen on one or both sides of your jaw. Things like arthritis, injuries, genetic conditions or uneven teeth can contribute to one or both of your TMJs not functioning properly. If you have trouble with grinding or clenching your teeth, these can also cause damage to your TMJ as well.

TMJ can cause headaches and sleep problems, among other symptoms, and it can permanently damage your teeth. At Westcliffe Family Dental, we can diagnose and treat your TMJ distress. Call us today at 509-627-6888 to set up an appointment with our dentist for your TMJ treatment in Richland, Washington!