Let Westcliffe Family Dental be your guide for wisdom tooth removal in Richland, Washington. Wisdom teeth usually develop around the ages of 17-25. Removal of wisdom teeth is common practice because these third molars can be the cause many problems. They can damage healthy neighboring teeth, especially your second molars, by crowding them. This can then trap bacteria and result in headaches, sinus infections, cysts, tumors and other severe complications.

Wisdom tooth removal usually follows a process similar to a general tooth extraction. Anesthetic is given to numb the tooth, jaw and surrounding tissue. The tooth is then sectioned, so the wisdom tooth can be removed in smaller, more comfortable pieces. Once the tooth is removed, the area is closed for healing.

After your wisdom tooth removal, we will provide you with aftercare instructions that will explain how to care for your healing mouth and prevent infections. It is crucial to follow these instructions, as the treatment area will be highly susceptible to infections like dry socket. Follow-up appointments may be made to ensure that the healing process is going well.

If you are experiencing dental pain and still have your wisdom teeth, they may be the source. Contact Westcliffe Family Dental today at 509-627-6888 to schedule a time to meet with our dentist for a consultation!