Placing dental bridges can be a great solution for someone who is missing teeth one or more teeth and cannot receive implant surgery. Missing teeth can cause problems with speech, chewing, tooth alignment and facial appearance. A dental bridge does exactly as the name suggests: it bridges the gap left by missing teeth.

The fixed dental bridge procedure comprises several different steps. First, a mold is taken of the patient’s teeth and mouth so that the bridge fits as snugly as possible. The bridge is then created with false teeth that are made of porcelain-coated metal. The teeth that surround the missing teeth, called “abutment teeth,” are shaped in a way that will allow the bridge to adhere better, and the dental bridge is placed and bonded to those teeth. The abutment teeth then receive crowns to protect them and create an even stronger bond with the bridge.

Once a dental bridge has been placed, our dentist will give you specific instructions for aftercare. Caring for your dental bridge with a regular oral care routine is vital to ensure its durability and longevity, and to avoid any complications.

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