Dental crowns are caps that are custom-made to suit every patient and are secured over the top of weak, cracked, worn-down or misshapen teeth. Crowns are usually placed over teeth that have undergone a root canal procedure or that are too decayed to support a filling. Dental crowns can also sometimes be used to help hold a dental bridge in place. The crowns allow for normal biting and for you to regain a healthy, confident smile!

At Westcliffe Family Dental, our crowns are made of porcelain or a gold and porcelain fusion. In the crown-placing procedure, a mold will be taken of the tooth in order to create a crown with an optimal fit. The tooth is then further shaped to remove damage, ensuring room for the crown to fit more properly. The crown is then affixed to the tooth using dental cement and cleaned up to match the appearance of surrounding teeth. Our crowns provide a natural color that easily blends with the surrounding teeth.

As with any other dental procedure, it is important to maintain regular oral care routine and check-ups to ensure the durability and longevity of your teeth! If you think you could benefit from dental crowns in Richland, Washington, call us today at 509-627-6888 and set up your appointment with our dentist!