At Westcliffe Family Dental, we understand that dental bridges and dentures are not always the proper choice for every patient, and our services cover many options for you. When it comes to replacing one or more teeth in your mouth, a dental implant is often the treatment of choice, as it is also one of the most conservative treatments for tooth replacement.

Implants are biocompatible posts that replace the roots of your missing teeth. They are physically and biologically designed to attach to your jaw bone and become the foundation for a natural-looking restoration. They are the next best thing to your own teeth! A dental implant does not need the support of the teeth around it the way that a dental bridge would. It relies on your jaw for strength, exactly like your natural teeth do. Your new tooth or teeth will have excellent stability and strength, and it will look and feel like your natural teeth.

Although you will have to care for your dental implants just as thoroughly as you would care for your natural teeth, your implants will allow you to enjoy life without having the task of caring for a bridge or for dentures. For more information, we invite you to schedule your appointment with our dentist today by calling Westcliffe Family Dental at 509-627-6888. We can help you learn more about how our dental implants in [city, Washington, can improve your oral health.