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Brushing your teeth can keep them clean, and it can also prevent gum disease. However, brushing can only be effective when it is done properly. If you would like to improve your brushing technique, we are happy to offer a few pointers.

– When you lay the brush against your teeth, orient it so it maintains a 45-degree angle relative to your gums.
– Move it about the width of each tooth as you brush back and forth.
– Remember that being gentle is better for your teeth than scrubbing hard.
– Brushing along the gum line is important too, as this can wipe out plaque that is building up there.
– Get all sides of your teeth, including the tongue-facing sides and the tops.
– To get the backs of your front teeth, shift the brush so it is at a 90-degree angle from the gums and brush up and down instead.
– Be sure to brush for about two minutes. That time limit should be enough to get everything done.

As you utilize these tips, your teeth can be kept in good condition. You can also improve your oral hygiene by visiting us here at Westcliffe Family Dental in Richland, Washington. Our dentist, Dr. Bradley Sainsbury, can lead our team to perform professional cleanings and exams designed to maintain your smile. You can set things up by calling 509-627-6888, and we will be there to help you stay happy and healthy.